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I love racing games. I have to say it. No violence, no secrets, and hones your reflexes. And what better way to race than with everyone's favorite monkey - Curious George! Sadly, this game hasn't come out yet, (With good reason - imagine hearing your child shout "EAT MY DUST, MAN IN THE FREAKIN' YELLOW HAT!!") so we race with Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's loyal companion who gets trapped in barrels every now and then. Because it's so darn cute, and I have nothing better to do, I've decided to dedicate this page to the secrets, hints, and just common knowledge of this game. And place really bad pictures of characters and objects throughout it. (If I can find a way to get this paint program to work... Linux is only for geeks*, kids! It's not user-friendly!)(I've now decided to use good pictures. Yep.) Hey, no page is complete without graphics! I'll have to find a dancing Diddy somewhere... Anyway, here it is! Check 'em out, and see if I actually improve your game. If I don't, I'll take you on in Jungle Falls, buddy, and THEN we'll see who's the better racer. *Ahem*.
Due to unfortunate circumstances (read: I haven't beaten Wizpig twice yet) I can't provide much eye-witness commentary on the fifth world Silver Coin Challenges. Sorry. I can only tell you what the Unauthorized Guide says. And I wouldn't trust that, either. Trust me kids... only me... only me... trust only me...

Hovercraft? Car? Plane? Who in the what now? Each thing you'll race in, and how it performs.

Who's the best, who's the worst, and the secret characters in the game. Get the lowdown and choose who you want to win as.

A description of each course, and how to win the Silver Coin Challenges.

Each Boss in each world, Wizpig, and how to beat them.

Where the keys are, how to get the secret characters, and anything else out of the ordinary.

Any object you'll find in the game.

What the heck is going on with this girl?

Wat I've changed, added, or just to see if I've got the record for site un-updated.

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* My stepfather tells me that Linux IS user friendly, it just chooses its friends. I say Windows doesn't discriminate. I have yet to hear a rebuttal.

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