November 29, 2003

Saturday update

From Elizabeth:

Talked to Maddy only very briefly early this evening. She'd
had several visitors today as part of Becca's after-
Thanksgiving fest. "It was really good to see everyone."

Our conversation was so brief because Maddy was
tired, very short of breath (the shortest I've
heard), and running a fever.


Posted by ptomblin at November 29, 2003 10:08 PM

I'm afraid we did tire Madeleine out. We went in two shifts, Alice, Charles, Charleen, and Ed; then Angus/Casey, Emily, Rachel and me. We didn't stay too long, because it was such a long day for her, but it was so very good to see her.

Posted by: steven at November 29, 2003 10:27 PM
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