November 05, 2003


I don't know if Maddy is going to have time to update blog herself, so I thought I'd throw this in here for people who aren't getting information directly.

Maddy is having terrible nausea and is "barfing my brains out". She's going to check herself into the hospital through her next round of chemo.


Posted by ptomblin at November 5, 2003 01:21 PM

In talking to Maddy yesterday from hospital, she said that she was ready to put Emily into palliative doggie care - that she recognized that she couldn't cope with her. There is an organization in Philly that we have been in contact with that offers to foster doggies in a palliative state, so I will be working on this over the weekend. She had stopped barfing, but did have an infection which kept her in intensive care for a while. Should be back on 3rd floor today.

Posted by: J ean Ogilvie at November 7, 2003 10:56 AM

Baseball threads are probably more likely than plane threads to put her to sleep.

Posted by: Alice at November 5, 2003 07:18 PM

How do you think I feel?

Posted by: Paul Tomblin at November 5, 2003 06:24 PM

If Madeleine is really barfing Paul's brains out, no wonder she feels wretched, poor thing.

Feel better soon, sweetie, and until then, just close your eyes and think of plane threads.


Posted by: Emily at November 5, 2003 06:22 PM

Luce, you've likely known Madeleine more years than the rest of us.

What was she like in the 1960's? I'm trying to imagine her dancing to Herman's Hermits.


Posted by: Phil at November 5, 2003 05:31 PM

Bless your heart. Luce

Posted by: Luce at November 5, 2003 03:50 PM
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