****** The ORIGINAL Ascii Airplane Collection ******

Current Version:
10 Oct 96

Special Note:

It appears that the various HTML tags that allow you to enclose ascii text on an HTML page have various problems on various browsers that make it not fair to everybody to keep this collection as an HTML page. So it's back to being a text file, which you can access by using the "Save this link to file" method in your browser on this link. That's Shift+Button1 mouse button on Netscape on Unix. It's probably something similar on other browsers.


This collection was begun by me, Paul Tomblin, around 1989, when I was uunet!geovision!pt or pt@geovision.gvc.com (I'm now ptomblin+website@xcski.com). Since that time, it's been posted by me several times, and other people have stolen my collection, added a few planes and called it their own. Dan Grunloh (grunloh@uiuc.edu) rearranged it a bit, added lots of planes, but kept crediting me. I like that. He and I now cooperate on the collection.

If you have airplanes not included, or if you are the original author of one of these designs, please let us know. Sorry about errors and ommissions, we do the best we can.

Send your ascii airplanes to ptomblin+website@xcski.com or grunloh@uiuc.edu

Warning! PLEASE do not include ascii art in your signature files in Usenet newsgroups. What may be OK in private email, is in very poor taste and an abomination when you are asking thousands of systems to transmit it. It _WILL_ cause you to burn in hell! Trust us!

This collection is posted semi-regularly to some of the aviation and ascii art newsgroups. The official home is here at http://xcski.com/~ptomblin/planes.txt. Older versions are available on the net at:

Paul Tomblin / ptomblin+website@xcski.com