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The data on this web site represents my best attempt to get the most current data from the FAA and other sources. However, I do not represent this data as being the legally required information required for flight, as per FAR 91.103 or other applicable regulations or laws. It is up to you to verify that this data is correct before flight.


We're in great danger of losing the most important data source this program (and many others) rely on. Please read this page for details.


If you would like to donate a few bucks to help me defray the cost of getting more complete and recent data, please click on this donation buttons. I thank you.


There is a Frequently Asked Questions list available now.

The CoPilot program

If you haven't tried Laurie Davis's excellent CoPilot flight planning software for the Palm Pilot, then you're missing a treat. Get it at PalmGear HQ or Handango. This is version 5.2. It is strongly recommended that you try and keep up with the current version, because of bug fixes and new features.

This program will do flight planning, weight and balance, and many E6B calculations as well or better than any other Palm Pilot flight planning program, including the ones that cost a ton of money. And this one is absolutely free. For further information, you can read the manual. As well, there is a Frequently Asked Questions list, and the release notes for even more information.

The Waypoint Generator

If you've got CoPilot already, you will have noticed that its major flaw is that it doesn't have a waypoint database. Until now. I've written a program that reads waypoint databases from other sources (FAA and the Digitial Aviation Flight Information File, and other countries' data if I can get it) and converts them into a CoPilot Waypoint database. You can pick and choose the countries and/or states and provinces you want, and what types of waypoints and other information you want to include at this location. Generate the database and load it onto your computer, and then use your hotsync utility to load it onto your PDA.

The generator attempts to put a cookie in your browser to remember the selections you make, so those selections will be selected the next time you come back with the same browser. If your browser is configured to reject cookies, you won't be able to take advantage of this feature.

I don't charge for this service, but I do have to pay the FAA for the data, so I am soliciting donations to help defray the costs. See the PayPal and Amazon links at the beginning and end of this page. I thank the many people who have donated so far, who are currently donating at a rate that keeps up with my expenses.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or missing waypoints.

Note: Because the source of the world data is mostly the US military, it will exclude some small airports that are perfectly good for general aviation, but not big enough to land an A-10 or a B-2. Sorry about that.

If you have a previous CoPilot version to 3.0, you must upgrade because these databases don't work in previous versions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you had any routes in your CoPilot program, installing a new generated database may delete or truncate the route. If your routes relied upon a previous generated waypoint database, and you didn't use any intersection or GPS fix waypoints, you will probably be ok, but check your routes after loading a new database just to be sure.
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