January 17, 2004


I've finished editing the pictures from the memorial weekend in Philadelphia. Don't bother looking at the pictures in the "raw" album, they suck.

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December 21, 2003

'Feeshees' event in Baltimore 2003

I was an alt.coffee friend of Maddy, and corresponded with her only a few times privately. I met her one time in Baltimore at the 'feeshees' get together March 1, 2003, hosted by 'sasha' in his home. I took quite a few pictures and posted them to a 'hidden' web page for only those with personal interest to see. Here is the link to that page.
Meeting Maddy in person was a treat. I was able to chat with her quite a bit as we toured the Baltimore aquarium. I only wish I could have known her better.
Ed Needham
Indiana, USA

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December 19, 2003

Maddy in Motion

I was looking over some dv tapes, and realized that I had a few minutes of tape from a June 2002 get-together. There are a very few shaky seconds of Maddy; not very good, but the best I can do.


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December 18, 2003

Hey, look what Phil just uploaded!

I'm going to use my exhaulted position as "overseer of the logs" to pre-empt Phil, since I just noticed him uploading this fine picture of Emily and I bet I can get this post published before he does.

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Picture of Maddy and Emily

I love this picture.

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