April 04, 2006

A Memory

Because I don't want this blog to die out, I thought I'd post something I was thinking about while walking to work today: Those of you who never had a chance to meet Madeleine missed hearing one of the most beautiful speaking voices ever. She still had her English accent, softened by decades in Canada and the U.S. The first time I met her she was interviewing at a Chicago location for the program she ended up going to Widener for. We recognized one another immediately and decided to head for the hotel bar to have a drink before going to dinner. The bellman asked her name and room number. "Page. Madeleine." She spoke in the most melodious, sexy contralto you ever heard and I saw every male within earshot perk up noticably. I mean there was major perkage going on. I recognized instantly that I was utterly outclassed -- doomed to be cast as the Funny Friend on our mutual outings, hoping some of her leftovers would spill over on me. Makes me wish I'd saved one of her voicemails.


Posted by maddyfriends at 09:43 AM