February 16, 2004

August 14 interment

Dear Friends,

As we prepare for the final stage in our farewell to Maddy and Emily,
burying their ashes in rural Quebec, we would like once again to
extend a welcome and open invitation for you to join us. At this
point, we can just give you some basic information, but as things
fall into place, we will send out more information to those of you
who will be coming. Please rsvp to Elizabeth Garner
(eliz@eskimo.com), who has once again generously agreed to be
our contact point, and we will keep you in the loop.

August is a beautiful time to visit this part of Canada, so please join

Date: Saturday, Aug. 14 - 2:00, followed by some quiet meditation
time, followed by a barbecue supper of Maddy's favorite - lamb.

Where: Rural Quebec, approximately a 2 hour drive from the Ottawa
(Ontario) International Airport (YOW).

Facilities: Lots of room to camp for the weekend, possibility of
renting camping equipment in Ottawa if you are flying in, possibility
of booking a room with a private bathroom in a small resort on a
beautiful private lake "next door" (two kilometres away), possibility
of renting rooms in hotels/motels in Ottawa or nearby towns.

We would love to see you, and share this final stage of Maddy's
journey together.

Love, Jean and Luce

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