November 22, 2007

'membering maddie

Madeleine Page was one of the wittiest and insightful gals I've ever met. And she did NOT, as the expression goes, suffer fools gladly. There was an thread some years ago where I got into a little tussle with another person. I was rather rude, and then I felt a little guilty about the incident.

Sure enough, a day later, I received an email from Maddie saying that the other guy had DESERVED the tongue lashing, and if anything, I had gone TOO EASY on him.

So oh yes, we all loved Maddie, just as we admired and envied her unique perspective on things.

Nowadays tends to be full of spam and many "serious" coffee aficionados have moved onto forums like home-barista and coffeegeek. But those people who are quick to both praise Madeleine and disparage might reflect on how she might assess the situation. The moderator-enforced, sickly-sweet politeness on the web forums has its value, but I believe it is something for which she would have no patience.

In the right circumstance, we honor her memory by telling a fool (s)he's a fool. Plainly and directly.

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Posted by maddyfriends at November 22, 2007 11:10 AM