January 17, 2004

Madeleine's Last Words

By Madeleine herself
Introduced and read by Jean Ogilvie

At the beginning of her treatment Madeleine faced some complicated
neurosurgery. As she was aware there was a chance that she might not
survive, she wanted to make sure she would leave instructions and
acknowledgements. She hastily wrote a note the night before her
surgery to be opened if anything happened to her. It seems fitting
somehow today to let her have the last words, saying thank yous as
she would have spoken them to us, her friends, had she had the

My love and thanks go to so many people - too many to list here. You
have been loving, generous and forgiving friends, and I thank you all
for making my life so much brighter and happier and more real than it
could have been without you. Thank you for your many, many kindnesses
to me, and for being loving even when I shunned love.

There are so many people to thank, and tell them that I love them. My
Psych friends. My on-line friends - the hats, and the hatless, and
the a.c. folks - friends no less than others, whom I've grown to love
and cherish, who've made me laugh and think and growl. Each of you
has made me feel loveable - against the odds, so often - and each of
you is precious to me and I love you. Thank you all.

There are dozens if not hundreds of people whom I've neglected or not
followed up with, which I regret. And so much I haven't done. But
life's been a good game much of the time. Love is what's kept me
fed, and laughter, and animals, and friends and food and flowers.
Thanks to everyone for everything. Forgive me my trespasses, please.


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