December 15, 2003

Dec 14, evening update II

From Angus Johnston:
Here's another update for insomniacs and folks on other sides of the world.

Marla went home a while ago, and Luce and Jean are sleeping right
now. I read Madeleine the last big chunk of the Finnegans Wake
chapter about an hour ago, and her eyes opened wide for the first few
minutes, then closed more fully than I'd seen them do for some time.
I noticed that Luce was snoring at about that time, so I think I may
have put them both to sleep. Not a bad thing, considering.

One thing I left out of the last note is the physical comfort we've
all been trying to give Madeleine --- holding her hand, and mopping
her brow, stroking her hair and her cheek. The last while we've had
the lights dim, and I've just been sitting quietly reading old emails
to myself and holding her hand.
I've read her all the messages that had come in for passing along the
last time I signed on. Harry, I also read her an abridged version of
your recent note to the list --- leaving in the thanking her for
being there for you part, leaving out the feeling bad about not being
able to be there for her. I've tried to do something similar for
everyone who's written saying they didn't know what to say.

Luce and Jean and Marla have made it very clear how important to
Madeleine the recent outpouring of love and support has been, and how
sustaining. She's carrying that with her now.


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