December 06, 2003

Dec 6, second report

From Elizabeth:
I spoke again to Maddy's friend, Jean, who is in Maddy's
room. Maddy's vital signs continue to be very stable,
which is a good sign.

Her lack of responsiveness is apparently typical for this
level of sepsis.

She will probably receive her final chemo dose tomorrow,
then her body can begin to recover from chemo and start
producing its own white cells to fight her infections.

They did not do the bronchoscopy yesterday after all,
because she was not alert enough to participate in it.

One way that we can gauge her condition is by what room
she is in. If she gets better, she will go back to
the area of the hospital where she was until late
yesterday or today. If her condition worsens, she will
go to the ICU. Jean said at one point today, the docs
were on the verge of ordering her to the ICU, but they
then decided she didn't need to go at that point after all.

I'll talk to Jean again about noon, Eastern time, tomorrow, and
I'll post an update afterwards.


Posted by ptomblin at December 6, 2003 08:10 PM
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