November 26, 2003

Wednesday report

I finally reached Maddy at 7:30 pm, her time, after trying
frequently since noon, her time (she doesn't like to talk before
noon, so that's my starting time). She had slept for almost
24 hours, and was thinking it was 7:30 am, not pm. She's been
on double oxygen, and she reports it gives her a deep sleep.

One of the reasons she is on double oxygen is that the
leukemia may have spread to her lungs. She refused today
to let them do a bronkoscopy, and she assured me that was not a
bad decision, medically, that the doctors had been unable to
explain clearly why they wanted to do it or why it even
should be done. She said telling them "No" was empowering,
it "makes you feel kick-ass!"

She had an EEG yesterday, but I'm not sure what the results
were. She reports the tremors were significantly less

Twice today they tried to get her to the gym, but there
was a lack of coordination each time. There were no
wheelchairs with oxygen available.

Maddy thinks the idea of visitors on Saturday holding up
signs outside her window is "cute!" and "it would make
me grin." She is on the third floor, and she does
have a window.

It's looking more likely that she will be up to seeing
people on Saturday. She had the No Visitors sign removed
from her door yesterday.

For those who visit her on Saturday, in addition to the
phone-dialer device, would you bring her a pair of
scissors suitable for opening packages and envelopes?

Finally, Maddy likes the idea of the Maddy Fund buying gifts
for various people.


Posted by eliz at November 26, 2003 11:01 PM

Would those scissors also be suitable for prodding irritating interns?

Posted by: Steve at November 27, 2003 02:56 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, all, though the wish is a little late for you Canadians.

My Madeleine spend her next Thanksgiving in her warm kitchen, puttering over pots and tripping over cats.

Posted by: Phil Gustafson at November 27, 2003 01:14 PM
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