November 21, 2003

Friday update

I just spoke to Maddy, who reports she has had "a really
nice day" and a "good birthday."

She was woken up this morning by all the nurses coming
in with a cake, singing "Happy Birthday." She was able
to return the favor later in the day when her birthday
cake was delivered from a nearby Italian bakery. She
reports it was very good birthday cake, and everyone
enjoyed it.

Emily, she thanks you for the tapes. And she thanks Harry
and everyone for her personalized birthday card.

Her Britfoods package arrived, and when I talked to
her, she already had had several of the blackcurrant
drinks and was looking for a particular chocolate
bar in the box. Good news is that they WILL let her
use the tea kettle in her room, so she can have a
nice cuppa whenever.

I asked about a toaster, but she agreed that might be
pushing it a little. However, there is a toaster
out at the nurses' station, and once Maddy began
telling everyone that her marmalade was coming, people
(I assume the nurses) began arranging to make toast
for her.

She hadn't opened a box from Amazon yet (it's hard to
open boxes when you have no scissors), but she was
delighted to see it addressed to "Madeline Page, old
and cranky patient"!

She continues to spike a fever during the night,
apparently a common side effect of chemo. Despite
that, she slept well last night. She was receiving
a transfusion as I talked to her, and she mentioned
they always give her Benedryl with transfusions.
Benedryl makes her drowsy, so she is sure of another
good night's sleep tonight.

Maddy reports she can easily imagine her next birthday,
as a healthy woman in her own home, drinking fresh-
squeezed orange juice and surrounded by fresh flowers.
I assured her we'd be delighted to shower her with
oranges and flowers next year.


Posted by eliz at November 21, 2003 11:31 PM
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