November 15, 2003

Saturday update

From Elizabeth:

I talked to Maddy this afternoon. She got little or no sleep last night and was feeling very tired. Plus, "my brain has gone away again."

On the good side, she did not sound down or weak. And she had a nice visit from her friend Bob.

Her oncologist has given her permission for Maddy to go to the parking lot to see Emily, as long as Maddy wears a mask. This means a great deal to Maddy, and I'm working to try to bring it about.

She is also looking forward to sharing her birthday cake with the nurses. She volunteered she is collecting their names (I guess to go on the frosting).

Because Maddy was so tired, our conversation was short.

Meanwhile, two different styles of earbuds are on their way to her, as is the Kensington security cable for her laptop. I'm a bit concerned about the nice radio PhilG sent her. Maddy puts it away in a drawer whenever she leaves her room, but the drawer doesn't have a lock. I'll ask her if a cable can go through the drawer handle.


Posted by ptomblin at November 15, 2003 11:08 PM

Thank you Elizabeth for your news and especially for the hard work or orchestrating a Maddy-Emily reunion. They both will love it so much. I am thrilled with the news that maddy has recovered some of herself, and long to give a genuine hug. I will be in town to visit from Dec. 5-9 and looking forward to that time. Love and hugs to the divine Miss M in the meantime. J.

Posted by: J ean Ogilvie at November 16, 2003 01:47 PM
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