November 12, 2003


From Eliz:

I spoke to Maddy about an hour ago. She sounds measureably stronger today than she did yesterday, though that could be because she is no longer sedated. She had a CAT scan last night; results to be available in a few days. As she said, "The pathologist here is pretty slow."

On the other hand, the nurses are great. She couldn't be more pleased with them--very professional, very caring.

She feels foggy enough that she hasn't been able to log-on with her laptop, so she asked me to thank Alice for "the wonderful scarf set in the best possible color for me."

She apologizes for not being in touch with people directly.

Maddy is depressed and, like everyone stuck in a hospital for a long time, she feels she has no control over anything in her life--for example, she is woken every morning at 7 by someone who wants her blood.

Plus, some of her systems aren't functioning correctly. Her blood pressure goes too high, then plummets.

I told her the animals are doing fine for the moment, and she approves of and is very grateful to the Maddy Fund for paying Pam for her work.


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