November 10, 2003

Another Update

From Elizabeth:

I just spoke to Maddy, who would like everyone to know she is "doing okay," but "feeling pretty punk."

She had the bone marrow biopsy this morning, and it went all right, but they are not able to start the round of the stronger chemo because her blood count is not high enough. She's being transfused with platelets for that, which helps but makes her very thirsty.

Her room is "Grand Central Station," with medical people in and out almost constantly, plus a crew of maintanence workers this morning. She was sorry to miss Becca's visit.

She's very appreciative that everyone is being so kind, and she doesn't like to think she is worrying us. I tried to explain that all we want to do is support her through this however we can.


Posted by ptomblin at November 10, 2003 05:15 PM
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