November 08, 2003

Another Update

From Elizabeth Garner:

I just talked to her, and she's "doing way better" than yesterday or the days before. She can sit up by herself today, something she was not able to do yesterday. And she reports that the respiratory & cardiac ICU, where she was, is not nearly as unpleasant as the neurological ICU, where she was before.

Maddy has today and tomorrow "off," then a bone marrow biopsy on Monday and two weeks of nasty chemo (stronger than what she's had up to this point). She finds it helpful to think that no matter how bad the chemo is on her, it's far worse to the cancer cells.

She expects to be in the hospital for the next two weeks of chemo. One drawback to this is the well-known problem of not being able to get a good night's sleep in a hospital or even any decent rest during the day. She estimates that so far today, there have been 17 medical people in her room.

A friend, Luce, is currently visiting from Canada, and Maddy is happy about that.


Posted by ptomblin at November 8, 2003 04:12 PM

Hi everyone! I've known Maddy only for a few years, through her internship at Einstein Medical Center. Maddy and I have had periodic contacts since she completed her internship. I'd like to visit her at the hospital - any idea if she is ready to have visitors (outside the close circle of friends)at this time? I'd also like to get her something she can use. Perhaps a book and/or CDs. Appreciate suggestions from those who know her well.

Posted by: Jilla at November 10, 2003 01:41 PM

Obviously it's Maddy's call.

But a country place shared with other large benign dogs doesn't sound bad for EtQ.

Posted by: Phil at November 9, 2003 03:13 PM

Hi Luce-it's wonderful that you got down. Brenda James and I are going this week or next.

Jean - I am really good with old doggies (Just put Midnite down a few months ago). I also have tons of family in Philly. One niece has several acres and several dogs (although I call them live sotkc as the two smallest dogs are St Bernards and then they get larger from there). She would probably take Maddy's dog and care for it no problem--shall I ask?

Did anyone find Maddy's laptop?

When Brenda and I go, if local friends think it's OK, we would also clean up and organize her apartment for her (we're compulsive cleaners and organizers!).

Brenda probably knows Maddy longer than even Luce, Jean and I! I've know Maddy for more than 20 years-she was the first one to give my son a bottle other than me and she help me get his first cereal down-he's 19 now and still likes cereal!

The Canadian contingent in on stand by and ready to come and help at a moment's notice.

Ruth Matte

Posted by: Ruthie at November 8, 2003 10:59 PM
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