October 08, 2003

Surgical Interlude

Briefly put, Neurosurgery came by and apologised for yesterday's snafu. Most maddening of all was, "If I'd only known about your case, I could have done the surgery yesterday afternoon." Grr to the NeuroPuppies who didn't take the messages to their boss.

Anyhow, I'm having surgery on my brane at 7 tomorrow morning. Since, as the neurosurgeon put it, "the brain is the one organ you can't replace", they keep me in ICU for 24 hours thereafter, to make sure my brane doesn't do nasty things like swell or bleed or show signs of infection. Then back down -- to a new room, but I hope a room in the same unit as I'm in now. The nursing staff on 3 Center are beyond belief good.

Just so you know, neurosurgeons don't actually insert the catheter section of the Omaya (aka Ommaya) using the MRI as a visual aide. My surgeon told me, "I do it by feel. I just push until I feel a pop, and then I know I've hit the ventricle".

Back in a couple days.

Posted by maddy at October 8, 2003 03:30 PM
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